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The 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Welcome to the 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge!

We’re glad you’re here. The activities in the 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge are adopted from a wide range of sources and personal experience collected throughout my own mindfulness journey.

Mindfulness is a very simple, effective form of meditation that allows you to gain control of distressing or uncomfortable thoughts and behaviors. Those of us who practice mindfulness experience being more focused, even when we are are not meditating. Mindfulness is a research supported technique which aids in lowering stress.  It allows you to stop your emotions from feeling out of control, to stop jumping from one thought to the next, and to stop fixating on negative or distressing thoughts. Mindfulness is a excellent way to make it through your busy day in a calm and productive manner.

This program is designed to be used each day for one week.

The activities build on each other over the course of the week. The first activity “mindful breathing” teaches you a breathing technique that you will use throughout this challenge. The journal questions are a useful way to reflect on each activity and to foster deeper awareness throughout your mindfulness journey.

This challenge is also designed for individual use or to use with a partner or the whole family. If doing this challenge in a group, some find it best to read the prompts to each other. However, if doing this individually, it is a good idea to record the prompts ahead of time and play them back during each activity.

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Soon, you will begin to receive one email each day for 7 days. Let us know how you do and remember to just try your best.

You’re stronger than you know.

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