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Stephen Rodgers Counseling provides individual psychotherapy to young and adult men. Booking a session with Stephen is easy, confidential and convenient. You can book via the calendar or by calling 720-295-4233. 

Our practice uses a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches. We work to match the best treatment approach that will work for the individual client and his or her goals. Many of us feel naturally anxious about starting therapy. Here is some useful information on how therapy works. And, if my approach resonates with you, please consider booking a session with us.


Treatment specialization includes:

Men’s Issues | Trauma and PTSD | Adult Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse | Addictions | Relationship/Attachment Issues | Anger Management | Depression and Anxiety | Panic Attacks/Panic Disorder |  Stages of Life Issues | Erectile Dysfunction


Treatment specialization includes:

Anxiety and Depression | School performance | Sexual and Physical Abuse | Emotional Regulation | Trauma | Emotional Issues Related to Learning Disabilities

EMDR CONSULTATION (For Therapist only)

Stephen Rodgers, LCSW is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. Stephen provides both individual and group consultations for therapists who have completed the EMDR basic training. Consultation is a great way to gain and deepen knowledge and to build skills and confidence in using EMDR therapy. EMDR consultation is required to become an EMDRIA certified therapist. Call 720-295-4233 to discuss starting consultation with Stephen.

Individual consultation: $90

Group consultation: $35

Call 720-295-4233 today.


Denver Men’s Therapy was created by Stephen Rodgers, LCSW to provide the best quality Men’s Focused therapy in Colorado. Denver Men’s Therapy is a collective therapy practice specializing in trauma, addictions, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anger, and couples therapy. Our team of skilled therapists are EMDR trained and specialize in working with men. Check out our team to find the right fit for you.


At Stephen Rodgers Counseling of Denver, we specialize in therapy for young and adult men, EDMR therapy and more in Denver, Colorado. Our office is conveniently located near Cherry Creek.

Schedule a session by giving me a call at 720-295-4233, clicking below, or sending us a note through the contact form.



720-295-4233 | 720 S Colorado Blvd #610s, Denver, CO 80246

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