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Stephen Rodgers Counseling is expanding! If you can not find an open appointment with Stephen, check out our services at Denver Men’s Therapy. We know finding the right therapist can be hard. Check out our team to find the right fit for you.

Denver Men’s Therapy: Men Defining Modern Masculinity On Their Own Terms.


Our office is conveniently located near Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado.  Contact Stephen Rodgers of Stephen Rodgers Counseling of Denver today. You’ll be glad you started the process toward wellness and we’ll be glad to help you get there.

Once you have contacted Stephen Rodgers Counseling of Denver, we will review your message and get back to you quickly. The fastest way to start though is to call me at 720-295-4233 or to click below to book your own time and date conveniently online (just click below!).

If you decide we are a good fit for each other, we will begin therapy based on a schedule that meets your logistic and emotional needs. We aim to make every step of the process as efficient and productive for you as possible so that we can start the healing process together. We look forward to hearing from you.

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720-295-4233 | 720 S Colorado Blvd #610s, Denver, CO 80246

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