EMDR Approved Consultation

EMDR Approved Consultation

Individual and Group EMDR Consultation

Obtain Your EMDRIA Consultation Hours

• Enhance and deepen your EMDR therapy skills

• Keep up to date on the latest advances in EMDR therapy

• Available in group meetings or individual consultation


Your consultation is personalized to build on your strengths and deepen your EMDR skills. Some topics that are often covered:

  • Discuss your cases
  • Ensure fidelity to the 8 phases of EMDR therapy
  • Case conceptualization and target sequencing
  • EMDR therapy, Men’s Issues, and Masculinity
  • Parts or ego states work
  • Complex trauma
  • Attachment and EMDR therapy
  • EMDR and special populations

You can enhance your EMDR therapy skills beyond what you learned in basic training. Improve your confidence with EMDR Therapy.

Choose the training that best fits your needs:

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