Brain Power: How Athleticism Keeps You Sharp

Brain Power: How Athleticism Keeps You Sharp

Brain power is needed constantly to maintain our careers, family, relationships, and health. Exercise comes in so crucial to optimize cognitive function and decision making. And, we could use that pretty much every day we have to do something difficult, which is usually every day, so read on.

What are White and Grey Matter?

Both white and grey matter are housed in the human brain. Grey matter contains all of the brain’s synapses and cell bodies. White matter contains the axons that connect grey matter to each other. You can think of white matter as the glue that binds the grey matter, the real powerhouses of the brain.

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And Why Do They Matter?

When white and grey matter communicate effectively, everything in the body works more optimally. According to a recent study, physical activity “improves the microstructures of white matter in the brain.” They also concluded that “white matter integrity is linked to faster neural conduction between brain regions and thus superior cognitive performance.”

How Does Exercise Affect the Brain?

It helps you make quicker, yet more grounded decisions. It helps with “cognitive flexibility” or the ability to switch between different areas of focus rapidly. And, it keeps your brain young by steadily supplying it with replenishing oxygen. It’s best to maintain a regular schedule than a grueling one. Try to sweat a few times a week and switch it up. Get social and call some friends for a pick-up game. Have fun.


Physically, the body craves activity. And, exercising helps facilitate brain cell communication, helping you think more clearly. Think about how much that would help you at work, in your relationships and with your energy level. There’s no good or bad time to start. It can always be today or tomorrow. Just make sure to get out there.

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