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Family Systems Therapy – The Basics

Are you having a hard time getting along with your spouse or children? Is your family seemingly always at odds and struggling to communicate or


What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

A common type of psychotherapy or mental health counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy can help to address a wide range of symptoms of mental illness, disorders,


Reasons Your Son Might Be Acting The Way He Is

Excessive “screen time,” character stereotypes, and fatherless homes cause children to grow up isolated and over-stimulated, often leading to mood and behavior problems. Here’s how.


EMDR Therapy

Stephen Rodgers Counseling – EMDR Therapy in Denver Specialized for Men  Many of us have had a traumatic experience in our lives whether it be

depression in men

10 Signs of Depression in Men

Today’s blog is on a topic very important to me and my practice. It’s a topic I am passionate about. Clinical depression affects more than