Modern Man: Therapy as Part of Your Whole Health Plan

Modern Man: Therapy as Part of Your Whole Health Plan

Modern Man. We’re an interesting breed at this point. Living somewhere half in the future with remnants of the past (we use computers for everything except for the main machine we use each day, our cars). 

And, some of us have decided that the sky’s still the limit. And, we work on ourselves. Each day, we strive to be better than the day before. We’re list makers. We’re doers. We’re organized. We fix things. We work out and we eat healthy. Some people call us Super Man. We call ourselves still “improvable.”

Therapy is a way to break through any perceived inadequacies or see a previously unseen angle on a situation. It can be the last puzzle piece to your already well thought-out plans.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

If you’re still reading, you’re the type of guy who seeks to always better himself. It’s noble. It shows you care about yourself and others. There are times though, when you feel less sure of yourself than others, just like all of us humans do. And when you have an objective confidant meeting on the calendar (you’ll know the feeling when you get to this point), it’s so much easier to let the small things be small things and get through your week. Without arguments from those small things, you’ll also notice your time free up. Maybe you’ll even get to squeeze in a hobby you enjoy. Pick up game anyone? Jog through your neighborhood? Actually got the dog on a walk every day? 

Having a mental break where you can just let it all go is such a relief too. If you’re the go-getter type, you’re always moving and thinking. Why not take a break. When you take a moment to meditate as well, it’s easier to approach your problems. Meditation is just one part though (you should add it in anyway). The other part is working through sometimes complex details with someone who is trained and interested in the human mind and behavior. A therapist can help you identify the stem of an issue or a pattern you might be creating so that you can attempt to purge negativity from your life in order to take you to the next level. 

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Therapy can help you be a stronger personal mentally.


Broken Records and Brick Walls

In a lot of relationships, talking to the other is either like listening to a broken record or talking to a brick wall. I get it. Communication between loved ones of all types of relationships (family, friends, co-workers, bosses) sometimes breaks down. Your communication with your therapist on the other hand, has a much harder time of breaking down. That’s because I am experienced and trained to listen. I am here to listen to you. And, I’m here to help you breakthrough by being a sounding board to what’s going on in your life.

What types of situations cause a communication breakdown? It can be misunderstandings, dashed expectations, or a loved one just not even thinking about your needs. It can be delicate family situations, an ex-partner, custody or dealing with the aging of a parent. Other times, your career might be the issue. Perhaps you’ve communicated to HR about an issue you’ve been having or your boss just won’t agree with your proposals on a raise. Therapy can help with ideas on how to approach communication issues, by using communication itself within a session. The therapist has no connection with the people who are bringing stress into your life and therefore can help you work on the different options available to you to communicate with them. It’s excellent practice before talking about a loaded subject, a nagging issue, or to ask a request.

99 Problems and Stress is One

Cortisol. It builds up in your body and causes…. stress. Lots of it at times. Sometimes so much that you’re overwhelmed to the point where you’re not even functioning properly. You snap at people you normally wouldn’t. Everything seems to take longer than normal. You dread your day the moment you wake up. These times happen! Regularly. Sometimes in a cycle, sometimes not for a while, sometimes all at once. You know. Anyway, having an appointment to look forward to to simply organize your mind? It’s awesome. And, the goal is that it will make the rest of your life stress easier to deal with, putting you at an even more optimal place of health than you were before regular therapy.

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Regular therapy can help you organize your mind.


Stephen Rodgers, LCSW conquering the mountains.

As a counselor specializing in men’s issues, I meet with a lot of individuals who just want to be better. They are into self-improvement, they read books about it, go on adventure courses, are leaders in their careers, etc. These kind of high-powered men often charge through life, and are recognized by their success. I know that too, it can be lonely at the top and having someone to let off some steam and work through issues with can be a crucial component to a holistic health plan. If you relate, try booking an appointment and see if this is something you want to add to your wellness routine. My door’s open.

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